HIPAA and IRB Training

Your overall education at the School of Public Health will most likely include work on active research projects using information covered by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Institutional Review Board Training (IRB)  regulations.  In addition, your future as a public health professional requires your familiarity with these guidelines.   For these reasons, it is the policy of the School of Public Health that all students receive training in both HIPAA and IRB. 

You should plan to complete the training as soon as possible after your acceptance into the School of Public Health however, school policy requires that training be completed and received in the Office of Student and Academic Services (Ryals 130) before registration begins for any subsequent term of study.  Students who have not met this requirement will not be allowed to register until the requirement is fulfilled.

School of Public Health students MUST take both IRB and HIPAA training.



The IRB Training is administered by UAB.   Click here to visit the IRB Training website



The HIPAA training is accessible through the LMS. Click here to log into LMS for HIPAA Training.

Once students are enrolled in classes, they are automatically assigned hipaa training.

Hipaa training can be found under the "My Learning" tab. The hipaa training course will be listed under "Assigned Learning."

If you do not see the course listed please contact Cheryl Johnson at clynnj@uab.edu.


Both the HIPAA and the IRB certificates should be uploaded to your SOPH Orientation Course Shell in UAB Canvas. Failure to complete the HIPAA/IRB training will result in an administrative encumbrance on future registration.