Bachelor of Science (BS) in Public Health 2016-17

Bachelor of Science in Public Health

Public Health is an exciting and growing field of study. The field challenges its professionals to confront complex health issues, such as improving access to health care, controlling infectious disease, and reducing environmental hazards, violence, substance abuse, and injury. A Bachelor in Public Health is an undergraduate degree, which trains students in the essential skills needed to plan, initiate and manage public health programs. Research has shown the impact of healthy lifestyles on the rate of incidence of illnesses and on increasing longevity; hence, public health is now considered a very significant area of study.


Undergraduate Public Health Competencies

  • Understand historical milestones in public health and how they influence current practice.
  • Explain disease processes from a biological, environmental, social and behavioral perspective.
  • Identify the role of health disparities in studying the health needs of communities and improving population health.
  • Describe how data and study design methodology are utilized in quantifying public health problems.
  • Communicate public health approaches, messages, and findings effectively both orally and in writing


Degree Requirements

  • Credit hours required in major:  27 hours plus a 1 hour first year experience course
  • Credit hours required in concentration:  18 hours
  • Credit hours in institutional general education or core curriculum: 41 hours
  • Credit hours in required or free electives: 34 hours
  • Total credit hours required for completion: 120 hours

A grade of C or better is required in all undergraduate public health courses



To apply as an undergraduate student, you’ll need to submit the following items with the UAB Undergraduate Admissions Office:

  • a completed UAB application and the appropriate application fee
  • your official high school transcript or college transcript (mailed directly to UAB from your high school or college institution)
  • your official ACT or SAT score report (freshman applicants)
  • Students wishing to begin in the bachelor's program will follow the UAB Undergraduate Admissions process and requirements, which can be found here:

For more Admissions information visit Prospective Students



Degree Concentrations

The bachelor's degree is designed to give students a foundational understanding of public health issues and methods. The UAB School of Public Health offers a Bachelor of Science in Public Health with the following three concentration areas:

Environmental Health Sciences Concentration

A concentration in Environmental Health Sciences will prepare you to protect both the environment and workers by identifying and eliminating health hazards. The environmental health sciences concentration will teach you to identify toxins and their effects on human and natural populations. Environmental scientists work in public and private sector careers to address problems such as pollution, water safety, and ecosystem protection.

Environmental Health Sciences 2016-2017 Curriculum Planning Sheet


Global Health Studies Concentration

As a student in the Global Health concentration you will learn about health conditions that affect people around the world and associated challenges that make these issues difficult to address such as poverty, cultural beliefs, and population dynamics. This program will prepare you to work both locally and globally in public health by studying the effects of disease and learning how to plan and implement public health programs.

Global Health 2016-2017 Curriculum Planning Sheet


Public Health Concentration

With the increase in prevalence and magnitude of public health issues across the world, it is vital that public health organizations and the communities they serve be prepared and aware of these issues and their effects on populations.  In the Public Health concentration, you will learn about a mix of factors and dynamics that contribute to public health events across the board, and will be able to gain a broad understanding of current public health issues.

PH 2016-2017 Curriculum Planning Sheet


Undergraduate Academic Advising

Nicole Gravitt, M.A.Ed
School of  Public Health
Suite 130
Office Telephone Number: (205) 934-7759


Michelle L. Henry, MA
School of Public Health
Suite 130
Office Telephone Number: (205) 934-4549